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Tooth extractions can sometimes become necessary despite good oral health. It may be needed because of decay, fracture, bone loss or infection. This can of course be avoided with regular checkups and examinations. Yet an extraction can also become necessary when a tooth is severely damaged or chipped due to accident or injury. It may also be the case that, after a careful examination, your needs are best met with an implant or partial denture device.

Should this be the case, in any circumstance where an extraction is needed, Dr. Louis Diamandakos & Associates can perform tooth extractions in a quick and painless manner with the help of sedation and the best-accepted techniques in dentistry. In this way we can make sure the space left by the tooth will heal properly and sustain the reparative work needed.

One of the more common cases in which a tooth extraction is needed is with wisdom teeth, the last molars to usually come in during your twenties. These can present complications when they push against other teeth or grow at an angle below the gumline. While in some cases it is not needed, most people will have some of their wisdom teeth extracted to avoid pain and misalignment.

A proper extraction will allow us to make sure the gums and jaw bone heal and can sustain future dental implants or dentures. Keeping a gap between teeth can alter the alignment of all your teeth, weakening your bite and affecting your ability to eat or speak comfortably. While you do have a tooth missing, it is important to take good care of the area when brushing and flossing.

Should we recommend a tooth extraction we will also help you find the right solution to avoid these issues, making sure you feel confident in your choice.

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Dentist in PeterboroughTooth Extraction in Peterborough, ON

Tooth Extraction in PeterboroughTooth Extraction Peterborough, Ontario

Last Updated On 2021-10-27